Veeam – Updating job settings with PowerShell

A few posts back I described how you can document your Veeam backup job settings. This gives a great overview, especially if you have many jobs to keep track of.  As I mentioned, I had found a few inconsistencies across jobs and in this post I’ll show how to update all jobs via a small script. You can imagine the time saved by not having to open each and every job, check the settings and update if needed.

For this exercise I choose a subset of the options available, we’re not going to be updating every possible option, just the ones we needed to get our jobs back in shape. I choose the following options to update via the script, though any others could be easily added:

  • Deduplication enabled
  • Compression Level
  • Block Size (storage optimizations)
  • Integrity Check enabled
  • Remove Deleted VMs
  • Retain Deleted VMs (Days)

Hopefully this will save someone else a bit of time as it has for me.

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