Monthly Archives: December 2014

Veeam v8 – Changing Default Options After Upgrade

This will be a quick last post for 2014 – Happy New Year to everyone!

After working with VBR v8 few a couple of weeks now, I noticed a new option was added in regards to updating VM attributes.  There is now the option to append details to the existing attribute’s value.

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My Veeam Report v1.3 with VBR v8 Support

Find the latest version here.

I finally got around to updating My Veeam Report for VBR v8. I waited around long enough to hear other opinions on the upgrade and as far as I can tell it has gone pretty smooth for most folks.  After taking the plunge and playing with some of the new features available in VBR v8, I must say I am quite happy with the result.

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