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Searching through all those script files: Find-Script

If you are like me, you have built up a good amount of scripts over time and haven’t yet made it to the point of creating modules or other ways to handle all of them. I needed a way to be able to search through all these scripts to find the little gems that hide within.

I came up with this short and sweet script I can run quickly to find the tidbits I am looking for. The script will prompt for a keyword and then search recursively the path specified showing the output via Out-GridView.

Not a perfect solution but works very well. It could also be tweaked to search files other than *.ps1 easily enough.

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Hello World

It was bound to happen…

I have gained so much knowledge from other bloggers, it was only a matter of time before I had to start giving back. Hopefully you will be able to gain a bit of wisdom from my ramblings, as I have from others.

I may be a bit late to game with not much more than a different perspective but I really wanted to share what I am able to accomplish (and some of what I couldn’t). The focus here will mostly be my passions – VMware and most recently Powershell/PowerCLI.

I am writing this not only to help deliver information to the masses but also to facilitate feedback as I am eager to hear what folks think of the ways I have found to overcome hurdles as well as accomplish seemingly mundane tasks.