Veeam v9 – My Veeam Report 9.5.3

My Veeam Report has been updated for the release of VBR 9.5 Update 3. If you’re ready to install Update 3, you’ll want to update My Veeam Report as well.

What’s New

This minor update fixes a couple of property changes introduced with VBR 9.5 Update 3. The good news is that you can copy and paste your entire User-Variables region from your 9.5.1 report making the transition fairly simple.

Sample Report
A sample report can be found here.



Download the zip or copy and paste into a .ps1 file from here.


The next step is to configure the (many!) script options which is done in the User-Variables region. There are three variables that must be configured before running.

1) Add your VBR server name

# VBR Server (Server Name, FQDN or IP)
$vbrServer = "yourVBRserver"

2) Ensure the path to the Veeam executable is correct

# Location of Veeam executable (Veeam.Backup.Shell.exe)
$veeamExePath = "C:\Program Files\Veeam\Backup and Replication\Backup\Veeam.Backup.Shell.exe"

3) Configure Email Settings (or optionally the ‘Save HTML output to file’ section)

# Email configuration
$sendEmail = $true
$emailHost = ""
$emailPort = 25
$emailEnableSSL = $false
$emailUser = ""
$emailPass = ""
$emailFrom = ""
$emailTo = ""

From here I would familiarize yourself with all the different options the report has to offer. Everyone likes to see something different and the report can be customized to show only the data that is important to you.

I’ll note again that as there are so many items possibly returned from the script I foresee some folks setting up multiple scripts for best results. For example, one script to run a daily report on backups, another weekly report for Tape Backup Jobs and possibly another that just lists expired tapes on Fridays – it’s completely up to you, your processes and the size of your environment.

Validate Everything!

Though I have tried my best to test every possible outcome of the report, I will not be astonished if I have overlooked or fat-fingered something along the way. Please do us all a favor and validate the output against your console to ensure the data returned is correct. If you find something off, please let me know so everyone can benefit from the fix.

Thank You

Lastly, I would once again like to thank all the past and present contributors to this project. I’m not sure I would have had the motivation to start and continue this project entirely on my own and am grateful for all whom have given advice, insight, tested and/or contributed.

135 thoughts on “Veeam v9 – My Veeam Report 9.5.3

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    1. Nagarjun

      can some one help with agent backups? The script does not give the backup status of the agent jobs. Need help please..

      Thanks In Advance

  2. Michael White

    Hello there, very fond of your script. Just got it going again and it seems to have an issue with 9.5 Update 4. Any chance you will be updating it. I can arrange license if that helps.


  3. Jimmy

    Yeh ive seen that post aswell but its not a copy paste thing to fix by that post as far as i can see it. most likly easy for someone with the Powershell understanding. But that fix is past atleast my knowlage to do. Maby some other here can help out to implement it?

  4. James

    Crazy question, this report works great for monitoring our onsite backups. But – and it may just be me missing it – can it be pointed to the offsite backup job as well? And if so, in what Section?

  5. Ty

    Can you help identify why the report is detecting the amount of free/total space on my Pure Storage SAN? Veeam can see my SAN and total storage.

    Pure Storage Snapshot Unknown 4 customer-bdr Pure Storage Storage 0.00 0.00 100 Warning

    1. smasterson Post author

      The last I looked into this, via PowerShell we can see that there is a repository but there is no way to access third party integrations (via Veeam’s PowerShell snapin). Not 100% sure if this still stands but I do believe so.

    1. smasterson Post author

      Unfortunately it does not appear that Veeam included any way to report on Managed Agents jobs/tasks with Update 4, which is of course what everyone is looking for.

  6. Ty

    Veeam Services (Windows) shows a “unknown” status in the report for Cloud Connect.
    In Veeam, Cloud Connect is connected up correctly and copying data over the destination.
    For now i’ve commented this out of the report because it’s throwing a warning. Is there a fix for this?

  7. Jo

    Hi, just new to this script – fails to run with…
    Get-Item : Cannot find path ‘C:\Program Files\Veeam\Backup and
    Replication\Backup\Veeam.Backup.Shell.exe’ because it does not exist

    This file doesn’t exist on the veeam server that I am running the script on.
    Am I missing something ? Thanks

  8. Dave

    We only have standard and we are getting this error message:
    Get-VBRTapeVault : This functionality is available in the Enterprise (or higher) edition only.
    At C:\ent\util\Scripts\MyVeeamReport\MyVeeamReport.ps1:668 char:16
    + $mediaVaults = Get-VBRTapeVault
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [Get-VBRTapeVault], LicenseException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : System.ComponentModel.LicenseException,Veeam.Backup.PowerShell.Cmdlets.GetVBRTapeVault

    I can ignore it but I thought I would mention it.

    1. JM

      You can customize the report by turning off items by changing the true to false, I did this so only the Backup Tasks section provides details and the rest are disabled.

  9. JM

    Sometimes the files are too large and I need to manually compress them as zip files, anyway to do this within the script, I did not see an option to compress the file?

    1. Daniel

      Could get it running with v10 by setting the following parameters:

      $MVRversion = “”

      If ($VeeamVersion -lt 10.0) {

      1. Alex Bahret

        The reason this doesn’t work out of the box is $MVRversion really needs to be cast as a [version] datatype. Since it is not, running “10 -lt 9” will always return “True” as it is doing a character-by-character comparison, and “1” is less than “9”.

        The proper way to get this working again (and have it be compatible with any version of Veeam) is to change “$VeeamVersion = Get-VeeamVersion” to “[version]$VeeamVersion = Get-VeeamVersion” and change “If ($VeeamVersion -lt 9)” to “If ($VeeamVersion -lt ‘’)”. That will make it work with anything version 9.0 or above.

  10. Steve R

    Hello all, Shawn….well V10 is here and the reports I rely on no longer function; keeping fingers crossed that you’ll have time to review Shawn, and MANY THANKS!

  11. neowarblade

    good afternoon! I really liked the script, but the percentage values of the jobs are not being displayed. can anybody help me?

  12. PBG

    Monthly RPO should cover 35 days because “VMs with No Successful Backups within RPO” status generates false postive for monthly backup job.
    For exemple a Monthly Job running each first Sunday could start after more than 31 days.

  13. Devin Ribeiro

    Seems the agent backup job doesnt work at all.
    Get-VBREPJob returns nothing and Get-VBRComputerBackupJob doesnt return the info that the script is looking for to output to the HTML. Status,Target, NextRunTime etc.

    1. Devin Ribeiro

      Backup Copy and Agent based reporting not working on VBR 10 with latest version. Hoping this report gets updated with the new Powershell commands. Seems Veeam changed quite a bit in V10.

  14. pariswells

    Amazing Script , anyone wondering if you need to get a yearly report ( for Auditors! ) then change line 690 $HourstoCheck = 8760 and make sure $reportMode = “Monthly”

    1. Heath M.

      Did you try Alex B.’s recommendation? I’m able to run version 9.5.3 of the report against version of VBR.

      VBR v10.0.0.4461
      MVR v9.5.3

    2. Jason N

      Hi Sean. Ran into this issue myself. I changed the “if” statement on line 1388 to “If ($VeeamVersion -lt 10)” and that skips the error message. Reporting for VMware backup jobs and retention jobs are unaffected. That should at least get you going until the next update.


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